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Dr. Blake T. Wills

My Chiropractic Journey:

Dr. Blake WillsI was born and raised in Scottsbluff, NE with 3 other siblings. I was involved in multiple sports growing up which unfortunately involved injuries that affected my performance. One injury in particular involved a soccer injury where I could not move my neck in either direction and pain was significant. Fortunately my grandfather was able to treat me right away using chiropractic adjustments and myofascial release. Within 1 week, I improved to almost 100% and was able to play in our district soccer tournament without an injury holding me back. I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field, but this athletic injury solidified my choice to pursue being a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Education:

I attended Western Nebraska Community College for 2 years while playing collegiate soccer then transferred to Hastings College in Hastings, NE for 2 years while finishing my degree and collegiate soccer career. I graduated from Hastings College with a high distinction bachelor’s degree in exercise science. I attended chiropractic college at Logan University where I graduated in 2021 with my Doctorate of Chiropractic. I also graduated with a Master’s in Sport Science and Rehabilitation from Logan University in August of 2022.

Treatment Approach/Philosophy:

My approach to patient treatment typically involves one concept: movement is medicine. This ranges from being able to do your daily walks to performing in athletic events. “Movement is Medicine” is a quote I have heard while going through my training and it is something I try to pass on to every patient I work with. Our bodies are amazingly resilient and even if it means modifying our activity for a short time period, it is always important to keep moving!

I utilize a variety of approaches that may differ from a typical chiropractic approach. I utilize chiropractic adjustments, Active Release Technique, McKenzie method of diagnosis/treatment, and rehabilitation to help a patient feel at their best. Every patient is different which usually requires an individual approach with every patient that walks through the door.

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Dr. Blake Wills has multiple tools in the toolbox in order to help each patient achieve their goals and get them back to where they want to be. If you are ready, contact us today.

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